Short story A Dog called Rupert on the radio! BBC Upload

I have some really exciting news to share this week. My short story, A Dog called Rupert, featured on BBC Radio Somerset last night! I was invited onto the show by radio host Sarah Gosling to chat about my writing in general and read the story out.

The radio show is available to listen to at (I’m on around 33mins), but only for the next 29 days (as of 12/7/20) – so listen quick!

A Dog called Rupert was originally published in the June 2020 issue of A Spot of Writing Magazine, by Weston Writer’s Nights. You can find my original post here. I wanted to create a story set during lockdown in the UK, which highlighted the way communities and neighbourhoods have pulled together during the pandemic.

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BBC Upload

BBC upload offers artists a chance to showcase their talent on the BBC. It encourages uploads from all genres, including music, poetry – and I was delighted to discover they accept short story submissions too.

The submission process was super easy. Simply visit their website, find your local radio station, upload a file, and send off your work. I was so surprised (in a good way!) that less than 24 hours later I’d received an email, inviting me to be on the show the following evening.

As my submission was a short story, submitted in text form, I was asked to send in a recording of me reading it aloud. This was the scary part, as I’m not that confident reading my work aloud! But it was nice that I could do this from the comfort of my lounge, recording lots of takes, until I was happy with the final product.

Sarah (the radio host, not me), then called me yesterday evening for the live interview part of the show. Although I was slightly nervous beforehand, this part was fun! I’ve never been on the radio before, and it was a fantastic opportunity to get my name out there. Sarah was really encouraging and complimentary of my writing, and asked questions such as what inspired the story, and what advice I’d give to other people who were thinking about writing.

BBC Upload was a really positive experience. The submission stage was so much simpler than many others I’ve experienced – it took less than 2 minutes to upload my piece, and I received a reply almost instantly – again, pretty unusual, as authors are usually kept waiting weeks for news! So, whatever you’ve written, or if you have any creative work to share and you’re based in the UK, I encourage you to send it to BBC Upload. You never know, you could be on the radio the very next day!





4 thoughts on “Short story A Dog called Rupert on the radio! BBC Upload

  1. Just listened to your radio appearance and was very impressed! You sounded very confident, competent and warm when you were being interviewed and then read your lovely story beautifully. Well done all round!

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